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Given the rich tradition, luxurious and prestige associated with Kaikookies.MY, we aspire to tantalize the most discerning taste buds. We are focused on achieving outstanding cookies from different parts of Malaysia, by using only the best and freshest ingredients, with a modern twist. Indulging Kaikookies.MY is more than just about our cookies, it is about enjoying an overall dining experience that will also stimulate all your other senses for a more complete and memorable moments. Our cookies will allure you into exuding the ambiance of the old “hari raya” feel even if you are eating them alone.


We are pleased to announce that we have more than 14 different cookies for you to enjoy this year. They comes in 3 flavors- traditional, modern, and chocolatey. It’s a scrumptious taste that scream for more with every bite and make your next-door neighbour jealous! Brighten your eid celebration and reach us for more info.


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